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To understand the role of a legal mentor, please read the "Legal Mentor Overview & Responsibilities" here.
Volunteering as a Legal Mentor

Brief Questionnaire
The next section consists of a few short-answer questions to assess your interest in being a legal mentor volunteer. Please keep your answers brief and limited to less than 350 words or 5 sentences.

No further information is needed from you at this time. Please type your name, affiliation, and email below to verify that last fall (Aug 2023 - Dec 2023) you:
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Because you will be working directly with minors as part of your volunteering, Discovering Justice requires you to fill out this CORI form every calendar year. 

Discovering Justice is requesting all the available criminal offender record information (CORI) on the following individual from the Criminal History Systems Board pursuant to Chapter 6, § 172H which mandates organizations primarily engaged in providing activities or programs to children 18 years of age or less that accept volunteers, to obtain all CORI regarding volunteers prior to accepting any person as a volunteer.

Please note that this information will be held securely by Discovering Justice and deleted after use. If you prefer to mail your CORI form, please notify your DJ program coordinator, print out this document, and mail it to:

Discovering Justice
Moakley U.S. Courthouse
One Courthouse Way, Suite 1400
Boston, MA 02210

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