Participation Perks!

  • Get paid to learn! Earn up to $500 for completing either program
  • Gain insight and  exposure to tech careers and professionals 
  • Receive skill building workshops during the course of the program
  • Build community with like-minded peers   
  • Laptops will be provided as necessary

Who We Want To Serve
  • Black, Latino/a, Indigenous and AAPI folks between the ages of 16 to 25 who are curious about technology and excited to engage throughout the program 
  • Oakland, Alameda County and greater Bay Area learners 


Below is a little bit of what to expect as you complete this application:

First: We'll ask you some questions to get to know you better and where you're coming from.   

Then:  We'll ask you some questions to better understand your capacity to participate in the program and motivation for pursuing it.                                   


Last: We'll ask you some assessment questions that will require some math and critical thinking to help determine which program is the best fit for you.

Let's get started!
Please take approximately 20-30 minutes to share a little bit about yourself and complete the application. 
Enter numbers only, including area code.
We work with learners who have no or some experience working with Python. To get an idea of your proficiency in Python, read the following levels:

No proficiency means you have never used Python before or have only barely used it. [We take students at this level.]

Beginner proficiency means that you are familiar with the following concepts & procedures in Python:
* Python variables and data types
* Python Data Structures
* 5 types of Python Operators
* Iteration
* Commonly used data structures (Strings, Lists, & Dictionaries)
* Advanced data structures (Linked List, Stacks & Queues, Hash tables & Trees)
* Functions (including built-in, user-defined, & Lambda functions)
[We also take students at this level.]

Intermediate proficiency means you are familiar with the following concepts & procedures in Python: 
* Everything covered in the Beginner level above
* Object-Oriented Programming (encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism)
* Algorithm analysis 
* Observing code quality
* Methods of Debugging
* Automated testing
* Python file methods
[We also take students at this level.]

Expert proficiency means you can do all of these and more in Python:
* Everything in both the Beginner & Intermediate levels above
* Generators
* Iterators
* List comprehension
* CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations
* Exploratory Data Analysis
* & more beyond this list!
[Unfortunately, we do NOT take students at this level.]

This leveling is based on our own current curriculum (what we would cover in our programs to attain certain levels of proficiency).
More About You!
Please enter your date as mmddyyyy. Example: Enter January 1, 2009 as 01012009.
Short Answer Section

The following questions will help us assess which summer program is best for you! Take your time and answer these questions to the best of your ability. Your responses will NOT affect your admission to the program.

Logic Questions

For this section, please write code to answer the question or explain in words how you would write the code to do it

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Once you click "Submit Application", you're good to go!

If you have any additional question or need further support on the application, please contact the Hack the Hood team at

You should expect to hear back from with a decision by September 12th, 2022. Please continue to check the email address you provide for any updates