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Thank you for your interest in an event at Hugo House! Please complete the form below and we will be in touch if your event request is a good match for our space. Please be advised that Hugo House charges performers a fee for use of venue space for an event. This fee may be offset through a variety of options (grant money, ticket sales, etc.) If your proposal is accepted, please be prepared for a conversation regarding facility fees for your event.
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For our internal records, please explain (briefly) why this event would be a good fit for Hugo House.

Hugo House can provide an A/V tech, four microphones with stands, two direct input boxes, one projector (fixed), custom theater lighting, and single-camera livestreaming.

The Lapis Theater stage is 8'x16' and does not have a sprung floor. Capacity is 150 seats MAX.  Hugo House can provide a single lectern, a portable folding table, three music stands, and five stage chairs. We have two tables in the theater for selling books and merchandise.

Please send 3-5 preferred dates, ideally at least 5-6 months from the date of your request.

Facility Rental
Hugo House often puts on community events free of charge to keep it accessible to the public.

If you are an organization, we will reach out to you after your application has been submitted about a facility rental fee if it is applicable.  
Financial Need
If you are an individual and you have a financial need, this can be discussed during a follow-up conversation, after we receive your submission.
Marketing your Event
Our typical Marketing procedure is to have your event on the website with a minimum of 4 weeks lead-time. We make pushes for your event on our social media (FB, IG, Twitter), as well as include it in our weekly e-newsletter. For best results, please plan on promoting your event through your channels as well.

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Please specify how many tickets you're making available, if applicable. The Lapis Theater has a capacity of 150 seats.
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If you have additional questions or thoughts, please send an email to jasmine@hugohouse.org