GTA Student Contract
A Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) student is willing to participate in an inquiry-based learning process that is holistic and developmental. Practical learning at GTA involves responding to the experiences offered in the education and training program with leadership, agency, openness, and commitment. This includes participating in the wider GTA learning community and being responsive to unfolding events.

Key to the learning experience is building and sustaining relationships with fellow students, faculty, and the broader graduate community. These different dimensions of interrelating require sharing personal experiences and commitment to repairing ruptures should they occur.

Engaging in this relational activity requires developing personal awareness through self-reflection and inquiry. In the experiential learning process, students are encouraged to be curious and investigate how they are affected by others and the environment. Students are challenged to take opportunities to move beyond established patterns and into new experiences of themselves and other.

Over the four-year training program, students will inquire into (and develop) the seven personal abilities that we see as crucial to psychotherapy practice. These are Self-Recognising, Embodying, Responding, Interrelating, Experimenting, Contextualising and Presence.

These personal abilities become an essential tool for self-awareness and conversation across all aspects of the program. Students will engage with faculty in dialogue about their abilities using the Personal Abilities Framework (PAF) throughout their studies. You can find more information about the full PAF on the website.

By signing this document, you state that you agree to meet the following Key Responsibilities of being a student at GTA:
  • To read, understand and comply with GTA policy and procedures as published in the GTA Policyand Procedures Manual
  • Read and agree to Personal Integrity and Professional Standards Policy
  • To meet the educational requirements of the course by attending the group, completing all assessment tasks as described in Moodle and by reading the prescribed articles and books
  • To complete the individual therapy, client work and supervision requirements of the course in the designated timeframe
  • To respect the integrity of the learning group by maintaining confidentiality concerning any information about fellow students. This includes not promoting or advertising seminars, workshops, or training on behalf of yourself or another individual or entity to any enrolled GTA student
  • To honour Relational Gestalt principles at times of conflict and differentiation, to follow the GTA grievance and complaints procedures, or to use the processes outlined by PACFA 
  • To complete the prescribed assessment tasks, course requirements and settle all fees before graduation
  • To pay course fees as payment plan selected by you upon enrolling (via online enrolment form) with the GTA.
  • If you leave the course before the end of the year, you will be required to pay all relevant invoices
  • The enrolment & onboarding fee of $1500 must be paid to confirm our place in the program before classes start. This is not refundable but can be carried over to the next year if you defer at any time in the year. Once an invoice is generated, you will be liable for the total amount.
I understand that:
  • Graduation from each year of the course depends on satisfying all the course progression
  • requirements (as specified in the policy manual), including passing all assessment tasks and paying all fees in the year of training
  • Progression in the GTA Education and Training Program is not automatic but is by invitation after each year and is determined by satisfactory completion of the course requirements and my readiness for further training
  • GTA reserves the right to either defer my enrolment or terminate my learning contract at any time during the year but only after discussing my readiness to continue my training, detailing any concerns in writing, and providing a reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation
  • I can discuss with the Academic Progress Committee any concerns to do with my learning at GTA
  • I give permission for GTA to use my image on website/promotional material

GTA undertakes to:
  • Discuss with you any concerns regarding your personal and/or professional development at the time these concerns become apparent
  • Provide regular written and verbal feedback to you about your progress in the course 
  • Teach the curriculum outlined on Moodle
  • Sufficiently resource the learning group to ensure a viable learning environment