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Cycling Scotland’s Residential Cycle Storage and Parking Fund provides funding to Local Authorities for residential cycle storage facilities.

Guidance for applicants is provided in the application form. We recommend contacting a member of Cycling Scotland staff to discuss your bid and access available support and guidance. You can contact us on

The next assessment panel for applications will be held in October. To be considered for review, please submit an application by 12pm Monday 9th October.

Before You Start

To complete the application, you will need the following information:
  • Contact, organisation and project site details
  • Background on any cycling and active travel projects you delivered, as well as any relevant figures about current cycling rates you may have
  • Information on the project you are applying for, including any consultation that has taken place, what barriers will be addressed, and who you will work with to deliver the project
  • The item or activities and the associated costs you are applying for - quotes are helpful but not essential to apply
  • An idea of your organisation's contribution to the project, which may be staff time, match funding or equivalent contribution


This application form gathers the information needed to assess your project. Once submitted, a member of Cycling Scotland staff will review your application. The review may include discussion at an expert panel, and come to a decision on funding. A staff member may contact you during this process to gather further information if required.

Cycling Scotland advise that cycle storage facilities should be:

  • Easy and straightforward for the intended user to access, either via a key, code or fob.
  • Located close to the intended users and if possible associated to specific residences allowing them to have a sense of ownership over the facilities and that they are convenient to use
  • Located in an area that is well lit and feels safe for residents to use all year round - the amount of passive surveillance from surrounding properties should be taken into account.
  • Vandal proof to a high standard, robust and long lasting and ideally require little maintenance.
  • In keeping with Cycling by Design guidance for permanent cycling infrastructure design on all roads, streets and paths in Scotland. Sept 2021 update: Cycling by Design Update 2021 (

Cycle parking Guidance note providing support for preparing specification briefs for suppliers is available 2022-08-Guidance-for-Cycle-Parking-update.pdf (

Contact details

These details will be used to contact you about the project, including any questions during the application process and, if successful, for reporting.
Lead contact details

Organisation details

In this section, please enter the organisation details - these are used to understand who will be responsible for the project.
Organisation details

Project Location - Site details

Sites are where your project will take place and may be different from your organisation's main address. In this section, please indicate if your organisation has multiple sites and if you're applying for funding for more than one sites.

If yes, please add specific details for each site you are applying for funding for by clicking "add another site" at the bottom of the page.

Site details
If you are only applying for one site or the site details are the same as the organisation details, please repeat the information from the previous page. 

Your project

Please tell us what items or activites you are applying for funding for, how these will be used to promote active travel, and who you intend to work with to deliver the project.

You'll be asked to provide financial information about these items/activities in the next section.
Project summary
What items/activities are you applying for funding for?

Please provide information relating to recorded demand for cycle storage. This information will support the application and can include the following:
  • Evidenced demand from residents/tenants, surveys
  • Latent demand evidenced by need to clear stairwells, communal areas
  • Local authority planning conditions and/or policies on active travel, Strategic Housing Investment Plans (SHIP).
  • General estate improvement / regeneration

Project budget (requested funding)

In this section, please tell us about the funding you are applying for

You can add additional
items by clicking "add another budget item" at the bottom of the page.

Where possible please use quotes, but if these are not available estimates can also be accepted.

VAT details

For VAT registered organisations, reclaimable VAT will not be included in any grant offer made by Cycling Scotland in accordance with HMRC guidelines. 

If your organisation is partially VAT exempt, any grant offer will only include non-reclaimable VAT. Please submit confirmation from the relevant department with this application. 
If the organisation is VAT registered but not able to reclaim full or partial VAT on this project, please submit confirmation from the relevant department with this application.

We are unable to increase grant awards to include non-reclaimable VAT once a grant offer has been made.
Requested funding

Select all that apply
Select all that apply
Cycle Parking
Please make sure that costs for delivery, installation and ground works are accounted for. Individual bike lockers are unlikely to be funded due to priority for communal parking facilities.  

You can find more useful information on the installation of cycle parking in this guide.
VAT Warning
You indicated that the organisation is VAT registered and able to reclaim it. Reclaimable VAT should not be included in the requested total. 
Total requested from Cycling Scotland

Project budget (organisational contribution)

We expect that all projects will be making some kind of contribution to the project, whether through in kind contributions (staff time, use of premises etc.), match funding (financial contributions)  or other means.

Match funding is a consideration when assessing bids, and is used by Cycling Scotland to understand the overall scope of a project bid.

Please add specific details for each item by clicking "add another response" at the bottom of the page.
Organisational contribution

Value in-kind are non-cash contributions by the applicant organisation, e.g. staff time to deliver the project.           Match funding is any cash contribution to support the project.
Total organisational contribution


Supporting documents
You can upload up to 4 supporting documents, e.g. pictures of the current facilities, supplier quotes, VAT confirmation. Our assessment process focuses on the application form - all the questions asked previously should be answered fully on this form, with supporting documents containing supplementary information.
After clicking 'Review and submit', you will have the opportunity to review the full form before submitting your application. You can also choose to print your application at this stage for reference.

On the following page, please note that the page may take several seconds to process, so only press the 'Submit' button once.