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SSGT believes putting families at the heart of the criminal justice system and processes is the 'golden thread' which can reduce the harm of imprisonment and contribute to rehabilitation. Therefore, a strategic aim of SSGT is to contribute to improving the system of support for families affected by convictions and imprisonment to improve rehabilitation and resettlement outcomes. 

The grant programme will seek to make a contribution to the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Family-centred approaches to rehabilitation and reintegration become normalised in the prison system, at the point of imprisonment, during the sentence and on release: we are interested in work with people affected by imprisonment and convictions which has a strategic focus on their role as family members, and a recognition that partners and children serve the sentence too. This is a systems-focused approach which uses current evidence to effect change.

Outcome 2: The voice of prisoners and their families adds to the evidence base and understanding of the value of family-centred approaches to reintegration and maintaining family bonds:  The voices of people most affected by decisions which impact them need to be heard at local and national levels. This could include establishing platforms and mechanisms which allow them to participate in decision-making forums and have their voices heard. Many people with lived experience of the criminal justice system develop a set of capabilities that enable them to advance transformative change, both in the lives of people affected by imprisonment and convictions and in the lives of those who make decisions which affect them. 

Outcome 3: Government and state bodies are held accountable for reducing the harm of imprisonment to families: the focus is on ensuring duty bearers acknowledge the need for change and act accordingly. We are interested in improved policies, legislation and change to current practice which results in relevant agencies better meeting the needs of the whole family.


We have a two-step process and this first stage is an expression of interest in which the group outlines what it wants to do. If the expression of interest is accepted, there is a further form and grant assessment may include meeting with the applicant. Organisations invited to Step 2 are not guaranteed a grant – the decision will be made by the trustees.  

If you have not already ready the guidelines for this programme, please read them hereThis document also has the questions asked in this online process so you know in advance the information which is required. 

There is an option to Save and Resume on this form. We strongly recommend you activate that now so none of your information is lost. The option is available at the top of the form. 

If you are having difficulties please contact Karen on 085 755 2009. 

Thank you.


SSGT generally only funds registered charities. As you are not  a registered charity, please contact us by email on info@ssgt.ie or call us on 00 353 (0)85 755 2009 before proceeding.










No other documents should be sent at this time but if your application goes to Step 2 we will require a copy of your most recent Annual Report and Financial Statements. We will also have questions on your Safeguarding policy and practice.


We hold and store your information in line with the Data Protection legislation currently in force and in line with our Data Protection Policy. Please read our full policy published on www.ssgt.ie. This policy may be updated from time to time.

We may give copies of all or some of this information to individuals and organisations we consult when assessing applications, administering the programme, monitoring grants and evaluating funding processes and impacts. These organisations may include accountants, external evaluators and people within or contracted by SSGT. 

We will use the information you give us during assessment and during the life of your grant (if awarded) to administer and analyse grants and for research purposes.

We will keep in contact with you throughout the life of your grant or send you useful information on a range of things including information on other funding available, project ideas and relevant SSGT impact reports.

When the contractual obligations of the grant offer (if awarded) is complete, you will have a right to opt out of receiving information from SSGT at any time.