Entwine Campus Reps, KAHAL Program, 2022-2023 

The Campus Reps Internship is a yearlong, paid, campus internship program dedicated to the promotion of the JDC Entwine study abroad program, KAHAL, on your campus.

As a Campus Rep, your main goals will be to identify students going abroad, connect them with Entwine opportunities, and share your personal travel experience with as many people as possible to inspire them to engage in Jewish life while they are abroad.

As part of the Campus Reps cohort, you will connect with other college students from campuses all over North America, receive professional development skills and gain opportunities to connect with the larger Jewish community on your campus and globally. 

Program supervisors and fellow cohort members will guide your experience. You will receive a $300 stipend per semester for completing your recruitment goals and attending twice-monthly professional development seminars. You will also receive a program budget to help promote Entwine on your campus.

If your time studying abroad changed your life, this program is designed for you to be able to share that experience with as many other people as you can!

IMPORTANT: Please only apply if you are attending university on a North American campus. 

Application deadline: Sunday, August 7, 2022

If you have any questions please email JosephCl@jdc.org

Basic Information

This way we can address you respectfully in conversation and communication.

The Campus Reps program is geared towards Juniors and Seniors.

Academic Information

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Application Questions

Identity Information
Help us get to know who you are and what identities you will bring to our group. The questions that follow are optional and include the opportunity to self-identify. JDC Entwine does not discriminate based on your responses and your responses will be kept private. 

At Entwine, we seek to represent, celebrate, and elevate the diversity of the  Jewish community in our programs. 
JDC Entwine does not discriminate based on your responses.
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