2024 Level Up Village Traditional Languages & Cultures Cohorts Registration

2024 Cohorts

PLEASE NOTE: Upon registration, you will be invoiced for your chosen courses.

Traditional Languages & Cultures Cohorts:
You will be partnered with a school in Latin America looking to increase intercultural competence just like you! These exchanges will be conducted 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.

Traditional Languages & Cultures Courses and Dates:

Level 1: People in Our Lives - September 23 - November 4
Level 2: Our School Day - September 23 - November 4
Level 3: Music and Society - September 23 - November 4

Level 1: Our Favorite Foods - October 14 - November 25
Level 2: What Culture Means to Us - October 14 - November 25
Level 3: Future Plans and Professions - October 14 - November 25

Price: $300 per classroom

Thank you for signing up for Level Up Village exchanges! With Level Up Village, you will connect your classroom with other teachers and students across the globe and provide your students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of other cultures through virtual video exchanges. Each classroom has an average of 20-30 students. To get started, please fill out this form. The information you provide will be used to find the best global partner for you and your students.  

If you are a school administrator, please forward this form to all teachers who will be responsible for leading student groups.

If you would like to purchase more than 10 classes, or if you have questions about completing your registration, please contact us at sales@levelupvillage.com

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For each class that you will be purchasing, please provide the following information:

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LUV Teacher Agreement

To ensure that all students have a safe, productive, and rewarding experience with their global peers, it is essential that we set clear expectations so that both classrooms understand the importance of their active participation in the experience. We ask the same commitment of both teachers participating in this exchange.

Student Data Privacy

The school agrees to:
  • Provide notice and obtain full verifiable parental consent from the parents of students to allow them to participate in this exchange. The parent must have access to the Level Up Village privacy policy and be given notice of what personal information is collected from students (first name, last initial, as well as what types of files students may exchange in their correspondence, e.g., photos, videos, and other documents).
  • Provide consent forms to Level Up Village if and when required.
Teacher Responsibilities During the Exchange

The teacher agrees to:
  • Require that students complete each of the assigned tasks by the due dates agreed upon with the global partner teacher.
  • Monitor and ensure that students do not post or share any personally identifiable information (such as last name, address, social media handles, etc.) in their video submissions or via the discussion board.
  • Remind students that they are representing their school and their community, and that they are bound by their school’s code of conduct while using the platform. Similarly, students will be reminded to use appropriate language, wear appropriate clothing, and act respectfully toward their classmates and global partners when creating videos or writing in the platform.
  • Communicate directly with partner teachers (via the Global Partner Chat feature in the platform) regarding any changes to the student tasks or due dates.
  • Complete all assigned Teacher Action Items in the Teacher Portal.