NC IDEA 2023 Startup Analyst Fellowship Application

NC IDEA is seeking 6 talented students with a demonstrated interest in startups and entrepreneurship for a year-long/two-semester fellowship (2023 spring and fall semesters). While the fellowship is targeted at 1st year MBA students, students into their 2nd year of an MBA and in other related graduate programs are welcome to apply. 

This program is ideal for graduate students interested in 1) having an investment career with an angel/venture capital firm or 2) entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially minded students looking to enhance their knowledge of the startup landscape in North Carolina and/or gain a better understanding of how young ventures are evaluated by investors. 

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NC IDEA is an independent private, 501(c)(3) foundation whose vision is to help North Carolinians achieve their entrepreneurial ambition to start and grow high potential companies. NC IDEA fosters sustainable economic development with competitive grants and programs for entrepreneurs and funding to strengthen the North Carolina entrepreneurial ecosystem. NC IDEA offers grant funding and support on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Learn more at

Role and Responsibilities 

Startup Analyst Fellows will specifically be involved in the process of evaluating and selecting grant recipients for the NC IDEA SEED ($50K) grant program. Since its inception in 2006, NC IDEA SEED has awarded over $8.4 million to 187 companies across the state. 

Throughout the course of the year-long engagement, Startup Analyst Fellows can expect to be part of a team reviewing ~ 300 SEED grant applications (business plans) from growth-oriented startups across North Carolina in business categories such as software, IP-based technologies, medical device/diagnostics, and consumer products. These applications are evaluated through an “investor’s lens,” as the principal goal of NC IDEA SEED is to position companies for further growth and/or funding. 

Startup Analyst Fellows can expect to assist in the review and evaluation of all SEED grant applications, make recommendations to the team based on due diligence findings, and actively participate in meetings with the NC IDEA staff and its review team of Angel/VC Investors, subject matter experts, and partners from across the state. As the pool of applicants narrows, the Analyst may also take on a modest coaching and advising role with the management teams of competitive applicants.

Responsibilities for each semester include: 

  • Help in the facilitation of the SEED grant cycles by working closely with the Senior Director for Grants for Entrepreneurs and NC IDEA principals.

  • Evaluate SEED grant applications (business plans) and provide feedback to the applicants.

  • Attend and actively participate in review meetings (3 each grant cycle), including finalist presentations. 

  • Conduct due diligence during semi-finalist and final rounds of the SEED grant cycle, including assisting in the final selection of SEED grant recipients.

  • Process improvement initiatives as deemed necessary.

During the spring and fall semesters, Startup Analyst Fellows will work with NC IDEA on a part-time basis (approximately 10 hours per week) supporting the SEED grant cycle application process. Fellows will be provided with a stipend of $1,000 per semester, upon successful completion of the following responsibilities. In lieu of a stipend, fellows may receive class credit for this work and are responsible for making those arrangements with their instructor(s).

Additional Benefits

Startup Analyst Fellows are considered valuable members of the NC IDEA team for the duration of the year-long engagement and are encouraged to participate in the weekly staff meetings, grant recipient update meetings, and receive the advice and mentorship of the staff. 

For full consideration, please apply by Friday, November 4th. Additional questions can be directed to  

*Startup Analyst Fellows for NC IDEA SEED will also move to “first-in-line” for NC IDEA’s full-time, paid summer fellowship. Students serving in this capacity have opportunities to fully engage with NC IDEA MICRO and SEED companies over the course of the summer. 
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