Duplicate Panda Awards Trophies & Certificates


Please complete the form below if you would like to receive any duplicate trophies or certificates as part of your nomination or win at the Panda Awards.

Deadline: EOD Friday 28 October. The Wildscreen team will send through an invoice shortly after you have submitted your form.

Please allow for up to 6 weeks for assembly and dispatch following payment of invoice.
Calling everyone in Production Management!

The Wildscreen Festival Advisory Board awarded the Outstanding Achievement Panda Award to everyone working in PM in the natural history genre to recognise their incredible hard work behind the scenes. You can download your laurels here and are welcome to order a trophy or certificate for your team.

Please help us spread the word to recognise the outstanding work of PMs everywhere!

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You can order duplicate nomination or winning assets for any of the following awards; 
Behaviour, Cinematography, Editing, Emerging Talent, Impact, Music, On-Screen Talent, Photo Story, Photo Story (Emerging Talent), Producer/ Director, Scripted Narrative, Series, Sound, Sustainability, Golden Panda, Lifetime Achievement Award, Chris Parsons' Outstanding Achievement Award, FAB Outstanding Achievement Award (Production Management), Panda in the Pocket.

Duplicate Order Prices

For each nomination, a production will receive one certificate free of charge, and each win grants one free trophy. Any filmmakers who would like to additional certificates or trophies to share with their team can order them for:
  • £20 +VAT per Emerging Talent Panda Award Certificate
  • £45 +VAT per Panda Awards Certificate (except Emerging Talent)
  • £140 +VAT per Panda Awards Bronze Trophy
  • £250 +VAT per Panda Awards Gold Trophy
*Please note: Postage & Packaging will be calculated based on the number of items ordered and added to the invoice as an additional charge. All fees are subject to VAT for UK-based orders.

Additional Certificates
You are welcome to order duplicate winner or nominee certificates. Please specify in the text box below.
(i.e. 3x Behaviour, 1x Cinematography)

Additional Trophies
(i.e. 3x Behaviour, 1x Cinematography)
Please ensure to 'Submit' your form once complete.

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