Appalachian Trail License Plate Grant Application Form

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If your project involves new facility construction, please coordinate the project with your ATC regional office and the appropriate agency. If you would like assistance preparing your proposal, please contact your ATC regional office at (828)254-3708, or 32Tsoro@appalachiantrail.org32T

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Project Detail

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Project Funds

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Matching contributions may be materials, money, or in-kind donations. Please enter a number (e.g. 1.9). Enter '0' if you do not have any of these types of contributions.

To calculate the value of volunteer time, find the current volunteer hourly rate on this webpage. Then multiply the number of hours by the current rate. Enter the total value here. Please enter a number (e.g. 1.9). Enter '0' if you do not have volunteer labor contributions.

The match should be at least half of the amount requested. Matching contributions may be labor, materials, money, or in-kind contributions.

Please enter a number (e.g. 1.9). Total should include request amount, matching contributions amount, and volunteer labor amounts.

Please enter to whom and to where funds should be sent if this grant is awarded.

Guidelines and Approvals
ATC’s Southern Regional Office is available to assist you in identifying and following appropriate guidelines and policies for your project. By identifying policies and guidelines necessary for project completion, you are guaranteeing that the project will follow established ATC policies and guidelines for this project. 
Agency Endorsement
Any project on federal or state property requires agency approval. 
Please enter the following information about the federal or state agency responsible for managing project area

Please complete and attach the Tag Grant Budget and Financial Worksheet to your application to provide justification for all budget items. If you are requesting funds for salary, you should delineate an hourly rate and the number of hours you used to estimate your proposed salary budget. For supplies and equipment, please include an itemized list with cost estimates for each item you plan to purchase. Your travel budget should show how you estimated costs for mileage, accommodations and meals. Applications that do not include a detailed budget will not be considered for funding. In applying for a grant, the applicant agrees to keep an accurate record of expenditures for funds received and to submit a financial statement, including copies of all related expense receipts, as part of a grant report at project completion. Grant recipient shall be responsible for retaining evidence of expenditures for seven years. ATC will provide a report format to grant recipients.

You should have shared your project information and endorsement form with the appropriate A.T. maintaining club. We recommend a minimum of at least four weeks prior to the application deadline to provide club representatives ample time to review your proposal. If you are not sure which club section your project falls under, please reach out to