LINK Unlimited Scholars Class of 2027 Application

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Personal Information

High Schools

Extracurricular Activities

More About You 

Select one of the three prompts below. Be as creative as possible in your response. You may use any form of media to express yourself. 
  • 90 second performance video (TikTok, YouTube, etc.)
  • Visual art (photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. with 120 word written description
  • Voice notes
  • Essay (250 word limit)
  • Poetry, or
  • Coding application

Please upload your submissions as a file attachment (word document, video file, image file, audio file) or working web link. File submissions must be less than 25MB. If you have a video file, we strongly encourage you to upload to YouTube and provide the link instead. For any essays, PDFs are strongly encouraged. 

Short Response
Please use this section to upload a writing sample that you are proud of from your 7th or 8th grade year. 

Academic Performance 

Family Information

Parent 1
Parent 1 should be the person with whom the student lives most of the time.

Parent 2

Parent Questionnaire

This page must be completed by a parent/guardian only.

Recommendations (OPTIONAL!)

7th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher

7th Grade Mathematics Teacher

School Administrator (Counselor/Principal)

Household Information

This information must be completed by a parent/guardian only.

We do not discriminate based on gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, race, disability, or veteran status. To help up comply with federal equal opportunity record-keeping, we appreciate you voluntarily providing the following information. 

Financial Information

This page must be completed by a parent/guardian only. 

Upload the following documentation to verify your financial need.