Project Alfresco (Social Media)


watchLAB welcomes you to the pre-qualifying online survey for Project Alfresco (Social Media)!

  • Topic: Social Media
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 18+
  • Sessions Available: August 2nd through August 8th
  • Type of study: 1-on-1 Interview
  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Location: Seeking participants Nationwide
  • Incentive: $125 (Payment would be mailed to you as a check. We estimate that checks would be mailed out about 6 weeks after the last interviews for this study have been completed.)
Before you get started -- some stuff you should know:

After you fill out the survey, we will review your responses. If you appear to be a possible match to our client's research criteria we will call you to verify your responses and ask you some additional questions to determine if you fully qualify.  Please note that simply filling out the survey does not automatically qualify you for the study.  Also, due to a potential high volume of responses, we may only be able to respond to those who appear to be a possible match.

The world has Swiss Banks. We have our Online Community. Both are highly confidential and secure -- only with us, you don't have to worry about retina scans and fingerprints. Any information you share with watchLAB will never be given to any clients or third parties without your explicit permission as part of a paid market research study.

Ready to start the survey?
For our research, we want to make sure we are being as inclusive as possible in our recruiting for our clients because we feel that we should learn from the unique perspective of all people to improve products and services. To do this, we need to ask a few questions designed to include a variety of individuals. Your information will be kept confidential and thank you for considering.

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You & Social Media

Please rate your impression of the following brands on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being extremely dislike and 10 being extremely like.

Do you use this social media site socially, professionally, or both?

How often do you access the app/site on your smartphone?

In the last 28 days, what did you do when on...

And how many days, within the past 28 days, have you done these things on Facebook?