Presenter Agreement — Advanced Practice Provider

If you have questions, please send an email to or call (919) 445-1000.

This Agreement is made between the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network (UNCLCN) and the presenter.

More information can be found on the APP Presenter FAQ.

I. Engagement

The speaker will present this webinar for UNCLCN Advanced Practice Provider series.

This can be a working title, and we can work with you to finalize it later.

Date: Supplied in emails.

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM EST/DST (We ask that you arrive no later than 3:45 AM EST/DST).

Location: ITS Manning, Room 3200, or connecting via Zoom

II. Terms of Cancellation

Before cancelling, the speaker agrees to inform UNCLCN (45) days or more prior to the scheduled engagement date. The speaker also agrees to provide the names of alternative speakers to present on the same or a related topic.

III. Speaker Contact Information

We need the following information to communicate with the speaker during the webinar planning process. Please add information and make any corrections below.


Contact Information

We have found it useful to have the speaker’s cell phone number to help solve technical issues before the webinar.


Administrative Support
If you have someone who acts in an administrative support role for you, please list details here.

IV. Video Agreements

Video Agreement

Recording Release
Permission to Record and Reproduce - I hereby grant the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine, and Office of Information Systems (collectively “the University of North Carolina”), a non-exclusive right to record, using any medium (including, but not limited to, lecture capture, videography, or photography), reproduce, publish, and otherwise make available, my image, including my name, likeness, voice or any combination thereof; and my presentation materials (Materials) and recordings of Materials; including distribution of those recordings and Materials by any tangible or digital media (e.g. print, DVD, memory card, external storage device), or over the internet.
Retention of Copyright by Presenter - I understand that this grant to the University of North Carolina will not alter ownership rights of the Materials in accordance with U.S. Copyright Code, and that I will retain the right to use all or part of the Materials in future works, such as books and lectures. I represent that use of Materials is not in conflict with or in violation of any previously issued permissions or copyrights or is not otherwise illegal. The University of North Carolina will not be held responsible and will not provide any form of legal or financial support if these Materials are in violation of any previously issued permissions or copyrights or used in an illegal.
YouTube and VuMedi

The webinar is recorded and made available in the UNCLCN Online Video Library and in VuMedi. Note: Our YouTube and VuMedi Channels do NOT permit comments or rankings.

V. Required Disclosure Forms and CV

Required Disclosure Forms

Accrediting organizations use these forms to identify and resolve potential conflicts of interest:

UNC Digital and Lifelong Learning Conflict of Interest — NCPD/CNE CE credit.

Curriculum Vitae

VI. Presenter Short Bio

Presenter Short Bio

VII. Presentation File and Handout

Presentation File with References

Three weeks before the presentation date, we will need the complete slide deck (PowerPoint or Keynote only) for accreditation approval. The following items are needed:

  • Complete citations for major references used in the presentation
  • At least one citation that is less than 7 years old
  • References are to be included on slide(s) at the end of the presentation
  • 3 or more slides with polling questions
  • Provide prior notice of adding any videos or audio files and include copyright attribution

Webinar Handout

VIII. Fifteen Minute Pre-Webinar Meeting and Scheduled Time Off

We will schedule a 15 minute meeting with you approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the webinar to review the logistics and webinar content.

IX. Approval of Assessment for Enduring Materials (Self-Paced, Online Courses)

A video recording of the webinar with continuing education credit will be made available as enduring materials in our Learning Portal. We will need your feedback on a 10-question assessment after the webinar.


Please sign and date below and click the button "Submit."

We will schedule a 15 minute meeting with you approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the webinar to review the logistics and the webinar content.