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We’re here to connect you with PGA members quickly and efficiently. 

Hire PGA Job Bulletins are sent within 24 hours of receipt to members meeting your specific qualifications.

NOTE: We do not edit any job listings.

Information about you, the Employer:
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About the Position

You may specify a range or pay scale, as applicable.
PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for submitting any legally-required pay range information applicable to this posting (e.g., California's pay transparency law requires many employers to include a pay range in their job postings).

Desired Experience of PGA Members
PGA members must opt-in to receive Hire PGA job listings and complete four mandatory questions related to their professional experience and/or credits over the past 3 years. Note: We will only share listings with those members that match your  requirements.

One-on-One Speed Interviews
This is an add-on service whereby PGA will collect all resumes and submit all applicants to you for consideration. (PGA does not curate the list of applicants.)

Here's how it works:
  1. PGA will collect all resumes and submit all applicants to the employer on a mutually agreed upon date for consideration. (PGA does not curate the list of applicants.)
  2. Employer provides PGA with short-list of candidates they would like to meet during their 60-90 minute block of one-on-one speed interviews conducted by Zoom.
  3. PGA coordinates scheduling of employer-selected applicants for the one-on-one interviews.

Please note, only paying jobs will be shared with PGA members. Hire PGA is not intended as a forum to identify creative collaborators to produce feature films or to recruit for positions which may not be relevant to the skillsets of producers and producing team members. PGA members may want to consider using the PGA Slack Workspace for that purpose.

Hire PGA was developed in collaboration with PGA's Employment Committee. It is managed and run by PGA staff.