The SOFEA Community Larder

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Join the SOFEA Community Larder in 4 simple steps

Over the next few pages we will;

  1. Identify which Community Larder you want to join
  2. Decide on a type of membership
  3. Capture some information on who you are
  4. Setup your Direct Debit information

The SOFEA Community Larder

Choose your membership

Please note: You can request to cancel your membership any time in the first 2 weeks (cooling off period) and you will not be charged for the service.
Family Membership: 
£28 Per Month
£10 One-off Joining Fee
Up to 28 items per week 
Individual Membership: 
£14 Per Month
£10 One-off Joining Fee
Up to 14 items per week

All members receive the following: 

  • A weekly food provision of food to a space
  • Access to services and signposting
  • Access to specific SOFEA services and Pledges
  • Additional Wrap around Services may be provided independently by our Community Larder Partners

The SOFEA Community Larder

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We need to capture your details so we can create an account for you. We take your privacy very seriously and only use your data in accordance with our published privacy policy, by signing up as a member you're giving consent for SOFEA to contact you under the terms of our privacy statement.

The SOFEA Community Larder

Further Information

We would love to know a little more about you. This will help to ensure we can link you with any appropriate services, gauge interest on potential appropriate food types and to best support the needs of our Community Larder Members

*Please note you are not obliged to answer the following questions


The SOFEA Community Larder
Please add up to two additional people to collect on your behalf

The SOFEA Community Larder

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There is one last step, which is to verify your email and provide your payment details. 

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