This Is Us community - create your own TIUC fun

This form is to support you in creating your own This Is Us community (TIUC) event, activity or meet-up for care experienced and estranged students. This is for events that are bigger than your local students' union

Before filling it in, please read the 'Create your own This Is Us community (TIUC) fun' guidance document. You must complete this form at least 2 weeks before you intend to hold your event so the Unite Foundation has time to look at your form and help get together the resources you request.

We have two rules as a community:

  1. Events may be in-person or virtual but they must open to both care experienced and estranged students.
  2. If you run an event, you need to share that it is going on in the This Is Us community platform so people know how they can get involved.

For more info about the community: This is our community
Contact Details

Event Details
Let Dot know the details about your event so they can help you plan and resource it. 
Dot will be in touch by email soon to help you bring your idea to life. We can't promise we can fund everything (and trips to Mars aren't quite in the budget yet) but it is always worth asking.