Care at Home: Malnutrition Training 

Carer & Client

Welcome, and thank you for taking part in our Care at Home: Malnutrition Training.

This training has been developed in partnership between Food TrainNHS Tayside and Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership to help you with identifying malnutrition (as under-nutrition), and how to support older people who may be struggling to eat and drink well at home.  

Ahead are 8 short videos that cover topics such as what can cause malnutrition, signs & symptoms, and simple tips to help boost someone’s appetite.

It should take approx. 40 mins to watch all the videos, so grab a cuppa and feel free to take notes as you go along.

We also have a Malnutrition Training Workbook which you can download and work through whilst watching the videos, or save it for afterwards. 

This training is informal and is supported by multiple care agencies including the Care Inspectorate.



Let's get started! 

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Facts & Figures


A quick overview of malnutrition and the scale of the issue in Scotland.

Video length - 2mins 46 secs



Malnutrition Task Force: State of the Nation Report

BAPEN: The cost of malnutrition in England and potential cost savings from nutritional interventions

Definition, Causes & Consequences


Why does malnutrition happen and why are older people more at risk?


Video length: 6mins 47 secs 

Spotting the Signs & Symptoms


How can we recognise that an older person may be struggling with eating and drinking well?


Video length: 3mins 46secs


Asking a Dietitian

How can we support older people to eat well and prevent the risk of malnutrition?

Video Length: 7mins 19secs

The Patients Association Nutrition Checklist


The checklist is an easy-to-use tool that can help detect if someone is at risk of becoming undernourished.


Video length: 6mins 8secs


Useful Links

Patients Association Nutrition Checklist

Care Inspectorate Hub

Food First


Learn why a ‘Food First’ approach can be helpful for a poor appetite and preventing further weight loss.


Video length: 6mins 46 secs


Useful Links

BOOKLET: Staying Well and Nourished in Later Life

How to Make Nourishing Drinks


Fortified drinks such as milkshakes are a great way to boost extra nourishment.


Video length: 3mins 47secs




Keeping hydrated is a key part of preventing the risk of malnutrition for older people.


Video length: 4mins 6secs


     Training complete!

Thank you for taking the time to complete this training, we hope it’s been informative and helpful in your role as a carer.


Don't forget to download our Malnutrition Training Workbook to further support you and can be used individually or for group training.


For more information, resources and training on malnutrition please visit or if you have queries then please Contact Us.

Training Complete

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