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General Information 

We hope you find this application process to be an engaging opportunity to reflect on what's important to you. Our goal is to make this program available to as many students as possible, and ensure they have a life-changing experience. This application will help us get to know you and create the experience that is best for you. We believe careers in social change are meant for everyone. Be yourself!
Here are some things to keep in mind as you complete the application: 
  • The application is designed to take about 30 minutes to complete. If you're short on time, fill out this first page (our preliminary application) and save the rest for later!  
  • We're here for you! If you have any questions at any point, you may reach out to us at Or, if you've been working with a recruiter, feel free to reach out to that person directly. 
  • In addition to completing our application, you will need to complete a process with your home college/university to ensure you are eligible to study off campus. If you need support with that, let us know. 
  • After you submit your application, you will hear from a member of our recruitment team about next steps. If you apply for a semester that is more than two semesters in advance, we will reach out to interview you in the semester prior to your intended semester of attendance.

Thank you!

If not, feel free to find a time that works for you here!
Contact Information

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University Information

Application Questions 

Please provide a reference who we may contact regarding your application. List someone who knows you well, such as an advisor, professor, community leader, work supervisor, coach, etc. References should NOT be family members, friends, or peers. Below your reference, please provide the contact information for your faculty advisor.

Please provide the name and email of the person in charge of ensuring you receive academic credit at your home institution.

What are you great at? Name the top three strengths or skills you would bring to your internship.

Demographic Questions
College for Social Innovation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, citizenship status, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, height, weight, or marital status in employment or the provision of services. 

First generation college students are those whose parents did not graduate from college.

Special Project Interest Areas
Fellows spend at least 40% of their internship time working on a special project. Special projects all share the following characteristics:

  • Fellow takes the lead in planning and implementation
  • Fellow has an opportunity for real responsibility
  • Project goals and objectives are clearly articulated
  • Produces a product that can be evaluated by both the Mentor and a member of the CfSI staff Team to contribute to cross-cohort parity for internship grades
  • Project meets a real need for the organization- not just "make work"

Please select your top 3 special project areas below that align with your personal and/or professional goals. Reminder: We cannot guarantee a special project area in your placement, but this information will provide a key component in making an effective match

Direct Service: Fellow manages a portion of the organization’s direct service delivery, particularly when existing systems are in place to support college age students or young adults in these roles. (Example: Create a series of workshops for an after school program and produce an implementation guide with lesson plans and a program evaluation)
Event Planning: Fellow designs, organizes, and leads their own special event (not a regular or annual event). (Example: Put on the first Assistive Technology Resource Fair for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for Easter Seals then create an outcomes report and memo about how to replicate)
Report or Analysis: Fellow does a research or analysis project and produces a report/presentation (Examples: Research and write a handbook about urban chicken care for Green City Growers; Analyze program data and produce and deliver a presentation to staff about recommended program revisions)
Social Media: Fellow develops and implements a social media strategy for the semester (must include significant opportunity for design and planning, not just executing existing plans). (Example: Manage social media strategy and implementation for Playworks including launching a new snapchat channel then create a style guide for future use)
Strategic Project: Fellow develops and implements a particular strategy that is self-contained, but supports the broader goals of the organization. (Examples: Launch a new Spanish language newsletter to increase outreach to latinx communities for Union Capital Boston; Create and implement a strategy to recruit 25 new volunteers from Boston University for a day of service; report on outcomes in brief write up.)

Placement Considerations


Final Questions