Frogtown Arts Festival 2022: Artist Application

Frogtown Arts Festival 2022. Instigate, Inspire, Organize, Preserve Frogtown. Saturday, September 24th, 2022
Personal Information

How do you like people to address you?

Why do I need this? Mailing address is helpful for sending checks, contracts, payments

Why are we gathering demographic information? It helps us write grants and helps us serve the full spectrum of diversity within our community.

Art Information
Tell us a little more about your art.

If different than legal name

What kind of art do you do? ex. painter, sculptor, musician, DJ, puppeteer, dancer, etc

Work Sample
At least 2 samples of your art are required for all applications. If you don't already have samples, no problem! Please take photos or video of your art and use the File Upload feature.