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The purpose of this experiment is to try new ways of connecting mission-aligned technology solutions with safety net providers to accelerate the adoption of innovative technology. Our goal is to provide asynchronous opportunities for engagement where you can view brief videos from technology companies with an overview of the solution from the provider perspective. Our hope is to also use this opportunity to provide coaching and feedback to founders, especially those that are underrepresented. After we review your collective level of interest, we will either host an exclusive Q&A and feedback session with interested Tech Hub members and tech companies, or invite companies to join us during an upcoming monthly call.
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Feedback for Tech Companies
We are hoping to provide feedback to underrepresented founders through this engagement to support the development of their solution and the information presented. If you have any feedback on the technology, the content that is presented, or anything else you would like us to share with the founders, please share your comments below. Your comments will be shared anonymously.