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Teach For Pakistan Campus Leader Program - 2022/23

Teach For Pakistan’s Campus Leader program embodies our core belief that the development of our future leaders will ultimately shape our own future; the future of Pakistan. This seven month experience is a unique opportunity for students to join the Teach For Pakistan movement for equity so that one day, all of Pakistan’s children have an education that enables them to be loving, thinking and engaged citizens. 

Teach For Pakistan’s Campus Leaders (CLs) not only develop their own leadership skills but take on the charge of ensuring that Pakistan’s most outstanding talent is solving one of its most critical issues.


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Background Information
Our 2022-2023 program is currently available at selected universities. If you are not from the listed universities, please consider volunteering with us at
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Your answer should entail exactly what activities you would undertake, the channels you would use, and how this would attract the best graduating talent. We encourage you to be creative (but realistic) in your response.