Texas Emerging Leaders Board Member Application 2022

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The Texas Emerging Leaders Board (TELB) is a 12-month, paid leadership experience for 15 young adults. This opportunity is geared towards Opportunity Youth (OY), young adults who have experienced a disconnection from school and work, who have graduated from a youth leadership program of some sort such as the TNOYS Young Adult Leadership Council and AmeriCorps Programs, Young Invincibles’ Young Advocates Program, Housing Youth Advisory Boards, or other opportunities. This influential experience gives The Texas Emerging Leaders Board (TELB) members the opportunity to use the leadership skills they’ve developed in previous programs to work and shape the direction of youth services in Texas. Every member will serve as a regional liaison/coordinator to their respective Communities of Practice organization. 

The goals of the  Texas Young Leaders Council are to:

  1. Identify and work with a selection of OY from Texas communities to support further development of their leadership, communication, community engagement and advocacy skills in order to
  2. Provide systemic integration of OY voice into both state network and community planning and program design, and to
  3. Work with state and national youth voice integration leaders to capitalize on their expertise and coordinate with already existing state councils and initiatives.
While this opportunity is open to young adults throughout the state of Texas, our targeted communities are as follows:
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • El Paso
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Houston
  • Jasper
  • San Antonio
  • San Augustine
  • Have lived experiences in our systems, such as: disconnection from school or work, child welfare/foster care, juvenile justice system involvement, homelessness, etc.
  • Previous involvement in and graduation from a youth leadership program 

  • This opportunity requires a 12 month commitment. 
  • Members meet once a month for 2 hours in a virtual meeting. 
  • Members complete 8 to 13 additional hours per month to liaise with and advise designated Community of Practice, Leadership Council, and other Boards and participate in systems change/advocacy activities

  • Work for up to a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 15 hours a month, earning $25 an hour 
  • Participate in national Opportunity Youth Forum Communities activities
  • Gain experience in the following areas and more: public speaking, advocacy, youth-led training, leadership development, and professional development.
  • Gain real world job experience and be trained on professional skills that you can use to put on your resume 
  • Collaborate with executive staff and key decision-makers at TNOYS and other agencies.
  • Increase your leadership, collaboration and communication skills.
  • Build your network with other peer leaders across Texas who are equally passionate about systems issues

For additional information, please email Kennedy Quintanilla at kquintanilla@tnoys.org.

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This section is to gauge which systems you have involvement in and are willing to discuss in our Youth Voices activities. If you do not feel comfortable sharing about an experience, do not feel obligated to share. If you decide later on that you would like to share about this experience, please let a TNOYS staff member know at the listening session. You will never be forced to share something against your will and you can always say no to an opportunity or change your mind.