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All students who are in Grade 4 or 5 during the 2022-2023 school year, are residents of Boston, and attend an eligible school* are able to apply for the Steppingstone Scholars Program. You should nominate students who you believe could benefit from the challenge of an intensive academic program and who are interested in exploring new school options, including independent schools and select Boston public schools (including the Exam Schools). Steppingstone evaluates its applicants based on multiple criteria, including motivation and academic potential, family need for our tuition-free services, and family support. 

*Eligible schools include public and select parochial schools. Students currently attending one of Steppingstone’s placement schools or a school accredited by the Association of Independent Schools In New England (AISNE) are not eligible to apply. If you have questions about whether your student’s school is eligible, please contact Elena Jay, Director of Admission, at ‪(617) 862-2217‬.
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