Submissions to the St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board

Welcome to the St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board (SLC-REB) submissions site. Here, you can submit
  • an Application Form to the SLC-REB to conduct new research.
  • a Revised Application to the SLC-REB (after the board designated your previous submission “pending”)
  • a Request for Renewal of an already approved project
  • a Request for Amendment to an already approved project
  • a Project Termination Form, indicating your research is complete
Other application types (i.e. student course-based research, applications to the research ethics committee – psychology) should be emailed to

Please note that we accept SLC-REB forms and Ontario Community College Multi-Site forms.

Before you start

The SLC-REB webform must be completed in one session. You will be unable to save partially completed submissions. You will need the following information and documents:
  • A completed submission form (i.e. Application Form; Request for Renewal form; Request for Amendment Form; Termination of Project Form)
  • The principal investigator’s name, affiliation, and email address
  • Any other researcher names, affiliations, and email addresses (for applications to conduct new research only)
  • The SLC-REB file number for this project, if we have provided you with one via email (i.e. NOT NEEDED if submitting an application form to conduct new research)
  • The following supporting documents, as applicable to your specific submission. We accept Word or PDF formats.
    • Consent, Assent, and Letter of Information Forms, complied in one document
    • Study instruments and data collection tools (e.g. interview guides, surveys), compiled in one document
    • Recruitment materials (e.g. telephone scripts, posters, social media posts), compiled in one document
    • Any other supporting documents, clearly labelled and compiled in one document
Project and Investigator Information
Briefly summarize your project. Include information about the background, purpose, and methods.
Co-PI Information
Co-PI #1 (If Applicable)
Co-PI #2 (If Applicable)
Co-PI #3 (If Applicable)
Document Submission
Termination Letter