Thank you for your interest in applying for the Black Entrepreneurs Program. 

Please complete the information on each page, review and submit your application. 

Keep in mind that:
  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the application are required
This opportunity is only open to:
    • Members of the Black community
    • Individuals who are eligible to legally work in Canada
  • Review the full application before filling it out, the form must be completed in one sitting. It can take up to 20 minutes to complete.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after you have submitted your application. 

DEADLINE: February 9th, 2023

Access Reelworld

Become a member of Access Reelworld to complete your application. If you do not have a profile, please create one and share the link to your profile below. 

The Reelworld Black Entrepreneurs Program provides business advisory services, workshops, mentorships, and capital investment and networking opportunities to Black individuals interested in launching or advancing a career as casting directors, agents, managers, and film producers in the entertainment industry.

Beginning March 2023, 11 Black casting directors, agents and managers will participate in a series of workshops focused on setting up a company and creating a business plan with training in the key areas of accounting, human resources, and marketing and sales. Another stream of 5 film producers, will participate in a series of workshops focused on business management, negotiation, cash flow management, legal and accounting support. The streams of the program will run concurrently and include a 3 month mentorship.

Please note that we are seeking producer applicants who want to produce other people's work. We are also seeking Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, who are not actors or are willing to put that aside to pursue their new career.

Applications will close February 9th, 2023. 

Successful applicants will be notified shortly thereafter. This year, the program is accepting Canada-wide applicants. 

The program will start in March, 2023 and continue through to December, 2023. 

Applicants will need to be prepared to commit 1-3 days a week for virtual workshop sessions up to 2hrs long, and commit a minimum of 10 hours weekly for their 3-month mentorship. Please also be prepared for possible travel or attendance at digital events. 

Before starting your application, please ensure you have all of your support material including:

1. A colour headshot
2. A one-minute video explaining who you are and why you want to participate in the program
3. A 50 word bio
4. A resume

Applicant Information

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