A standardized test (GMAT, GRE, or EA) is required as part of the Full-time MBA application process. The test is one component of the application that allows us to gain insight into and assess your academic and quantitative aptitude and readiness. However, if you believe that other components of your application demonstrate an above average level of quantitative aptitude which will make the admissions committee confident of your success in the rigorous quantitative coursework, then you may request a test waiver by submitting this Test Waiver Application. Based on our experience, candidates who are most likely to be successful in the quantitative rigor of the classroom have one or more of the following as part of their profile.
  • Academic Grades: Undergraduate or graduate cumulative GPA of 3.1 or greater in one of the following degrees or majors: business administration, science, engineering, technology, or math. Undergraduate or graduate cumulative GPA of 3.3 in degrees or majors other than what is listed above. You must have your bachelor’s degree transcript evaluated via World Education Services (WES) if the degree was earned from a non-United States institution. The rigor and ranking of your institution and major will be considered along with your GPA.
  • Coursework: In our experience, the rigor of your quantitative coursework, the number of quantitative courses and your performance in those courses indicates probability of success in the MBA classroom. Applicants who have successfully received undergraduate or graduate-level quantitative coursework with a minimum grade of “B” or better in at least two rigorous (not introductory) quantitative classes (e.g. finance, accounting, stats, calculus, advanced math, engineering, or physics) are preferred.
  • Certifications: CPA or CFA (or international equivalent) or other quantitatively rigorous certificates.
  • Work Experience: Significant post-undergraduate full-time work experience in a quantitative, mathematical, or analytical field where the majority of your job responsibilities require rigorous quantitative analysis. Please note that working in Excel and pivot tables for simple analysis does not qualify.
  • Demonstrated Grit: Professional and academic experiences that demonstrate grit and the ability to be successful in quantitative coursework.
Process Overview: For those applying to the Full-time MBA program, to be considered for a test waiver you must 1) start (but not submit) a Full-time MBA application AND 2) submit this Test Waiver Application. Once you submit your Test Waiver Application, you can expect a 1-2 week turnaround for decisions. For applicants targeting Round 1, submitting your Test Waiver Application by September 11, 2023 will guarantee a decision in advance of the Round 1 application deadline of October 2, 2023.
Questions? We understand you may have questions as you consider whether you will submit a Test Waiver Application. While our team cannot advise you whether or not to take a test, our Associate Dean of MBA Admissions answers common questions our applicants have about submitting an application with a test waiver in a post on the MBA Admissions Blog. Additionally, please view our FAQ page.

Given you will submit your MBA application through The Consortium, you should submit this test waiver form without starting an application on Georgetown MBA’s application portal.
To apply for this waiver, if not a Consortioum candidate, you must have started (but not submitted) an application to the Full-time MBA program at Georgetown McDonough.

Starting an application is required for form submission. If you have not started an application, click here to do so. Disregard if you are a Consortium candidate.

Because you have answered ‘Yes’, please upload your test scores to your online application and submit your application as normal. You are not eligible to receive a test waiver.


  • By checking the box below, you confirm the following information:
    • Test Waiver applications are approved on a case-by-case basis.
      • If you are not granted a test waiver, in order for the Admissions Committee to begin the review of your Full-time MBA application, you must submit a valid test (GMAT, GRE, or EA).
      • If you are granted a test waiver, it does not guarantee admission to the MBA program.
  • Based on our review of your Test Waiver application, we could require additional proof of quantitative acumen, course syllabi, or request that you complete additional quantitative coursework, which could include requiring a standardized test score.
  • The information you have submitted in this form is true and accurate. Georgetown reserves the right to verify any information included in your responses, perform background checks, check references, and may rescind admission (if admitted) should information submitted as part of your application be found to be falsified, misrepresented, or plagiarized.
  • Once you submit your Test Waiver Application, you can expect a 1-2 week turnaround for decisions. For applicants targeting Round 2, submitting your Test Waiver Application by December 11, 2023 will guarantee a decision in advance of the Round 2 application deadline of January 4, 2024.