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At Textile Exchange, we’re working to help the global fashion, textile, and apparel industry achieve a 45% reduction in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that come from producing fibers and raw materials by 2030. Through our Material Challenges, we encourage companies to set ambitious sourcing targets, shifting material conversion towards more responsible solutions instead of their conventional counterparts. We believe that this kind of collective commitment to material conversion will help us start to drive progress at scale. Coupled with investment in innovation, the scaling of existing solutions, and a long-term outlook towards reducing the industry’s dependency on extracting resources from the earth to make new products and materials, it can help us reach our climate targets on time. 


Terms of Reference


The undersigned has read and understands the Material Challenges Terms of Reference and agrees to the Signatory Requirements therein: 


·        Report organizational annual progress on the material challenge(s) into the Materials Benchmark (formerly CFMB) survey. All brands, suppliers, and manufacturers will be required to report preferred and conventional volume data. Capacity data is not sufficient as it compromises Textile Exchange’s methodology.

·        Attend all onboarding calls, webinars, and/ or related activities. If you are unable to attend pre-scheduled onboarding workshops or webinars, recordings of these sessions will be shared. Please note that signatories will have to register for the webinars and workshops to gain access to recordings.  

·        Commit and report at either the holding company level or subsidiary level. Companies will need to report within the Benchmark across all subsidiaries if signing up at the holding company level. Subsidiary signatories be required to report at individual subsidiary level within the Benchmark. 

·        All signatories have a one-year grace period. Failure to report data in to the Materials Benchmark after this period will result in the removal of the signatory as a participant in the material challenge(s). Please note that signatories who signed on after the Benchmark reporting cycle is closed will automatically be given a one-year grace period. 

·        Please note that all volumes of materials reported into the Benchmark Materials Balance Sheet should be second or third party verified. Whilst both are accepted, third party verification is recommended.

·        For the rPET challenge, signatories should be verified to Textile Exchange standards at the fiber level where applicable.

·        RespectTextile Exchange values (integrity, respect, inclusive community, learning, and collaboration) in all activities associated with the Material Challenge(s).



 Non-mandatory but highly encouraged: 

·       Become a Textile Exchange member

·       Familiarize yourself with the Textile Exchange Climate+ Strategy 


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