Community Partner Network Registration Form

The Oklahoma Community Partner Network (CPN) is comprised of trusted organizations across Oklahoma that use SNAP-friendly strategies to make it easier for people of all ages and backgrounds to ask for and receive nutrition support.


We invite you to complete this form to register your organization and access tools and resources. It is free and lets us track who is helping spread the word about SNAP and other food resources in Oklahoma.

Organization Information

Organization Representative
Please enter contact information for organization representative (person authorized to sign agreements).

Designated CPN Contact

Partnership Agreement
By registering and joining the Oklahoma Community Partner Network, our organization agrees to:
  • Receive updates and SNAP outreach support
  • Use approved SNAP outreach promotional material
  • Follow non-discrimination best practices and adhere to the United States Department of Agriculture non-discrimination policy
  • Protect the confidential information of SNAP prospects
  • Maintain a contact person to liaison with Hunger Free Oklahoma
  • Participate in feedback and information updates related to SNAP outreach
  • Maintain accurate contact records for the organization and designated contact