2022-2023 Candidate Application

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Please review the Candidate Parent Form you, your parent/guardian, and your District Director must complete if you win your District Conference election.
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Officer Code of Conduct


As a Officer of a YMCA sponsored program and in conformity with the basic purpose of the YMCA, I agree with and will observe the following principles as my personal code of conduct while participating or representing the YMCA or representing my club and district.


Please read and provide electronic signature at the bottom:

1.   I understand that violations of the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary actions by YMCA Staff.  

2.   Disciplinary actions may also include expulsion or removal from officer position.

3.   I will conduct myself at all times in a way, which reflects good conduct and sense of responsibility, remembering the YMCA values: respect, responsibility, caring and honesty.

4.   If I create Social Media sites OR post to Social Media sites that reference YMCA and/or Youth & Government and/or your position as a officer in YG, I agree to follow the same YMCA values as stated above. Any form of behavior unbecoming a student officer representative including Cyber Bullying will not be tolerated.

5.   I agree to help all delegates, regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, or political beliefs, to feel welcome and to protect their rights to full participation.

6.   I agree to avoid violations and violators. While not always fair, I could be held accountable for the actions of those I am with -- often referred to as "guilt by association".

7.   If a student officer requires an inordinate amount of attention from the staff thereby causing inadequate levels of supervision for the remainder of the participants or members. The YMCA reserves the right to take disciplinary action.

8.   I understand that any violation of the above can result in suspension or expulsion from the program. No refunds will be made.

9.   I will also abide by all the YMCA Youth and Government student code of conduct.