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Collaboration for Coherence English
This survey is intended to help us gather information on barriers to impact measurement and reporting. The data collected will be analyzed and used to create a public serving resource to help social purpose organizations (SPO) to overcome barriers that might prevent them from achieving their measurement and reporting objectives.   
SPO definition:
A social purpose organization can be a charity, nonprofit, social enterprise, co-operative, or for-profit social enterprise. In all cases, a social purpose organization is advancing a social, cultural or environmental mission (Source: Government of Canada, 2021). 

3. Many SPOs face barriers to impact mesurement and reporting. Research has found that confusion is one of them. How much do the following common confusions impede impact measurement and reporting for your organization: not at all, a little, or a lot.

Thank you for participating in this survey, we appreciate your time and response. If we can contact you again about this project specifically, please provide your contact details below: