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Please note: Accompany Capital can only provide loans for businesses in New York City's five boroughs.


Please note: Some loan requests may require additional guarantors.

Personal Information

Please include income of any kind and from sources including your spouse if available.

Include cash, stock, retirement/pension, real estate, and other business assets.

Include all loans, notes payable, mortgage, credit card or other personal debt, and any tax liabilities.

Business Information

Business location must be within NYC's 5 boroughs. If your business is not located in one of the 5 boroughs, please do not proceed.

If your business does not have a phone number, please list your personal phone number again.

Enter 9 numbers with no dashes

Credit Request Authorization
I authorize Accompany Capital or its authorized agents to obtain Consumer Credit report(s) or information on the person(s) identified in this request and during the outstanding term of the loan if approved.

Any loan application that results from this inquiry will not be considered complete without a non-refundable application fee of $25.00 for loans up to $3,000 and $50 for loans over $3,000, plus $15.00 per additional credit report for each guarantor/co-signer.

Financing provided by Accompany Capital's Micro Loan Fund requires a 1% closing fee and must be repaid on a monthly basis with a fixed interest rate of 8%.
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