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Please tell us where we can find your work online by providing Social Media handles:

Examples of Your Work
All artists are required to provide 10 samples of existing work that demonstrate your ability to produce polished, finished work. These samples should align with the proposed exhibition project. Artists who do not supply the required number of work samples for their discipline will not be considered.  For audio/visual work samples, provide a link OR upload a file. Please do not fill out both for one work sample.
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Video/Visual Medium Artists
Please include three video samples no longer than three minutes each. Artists are strongly encouraged to create tailored samples under three minutes highlighting the content you wish the selection committee to see. This video does not have to be consecutive; it can be clips of select sections throughout the piece. If you provide an excerpt longer than three minutes, the panelists will watch the first three minutes.

Please submit 10 pages max for any staged plays/play readings.
Plays/Performances 1

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OPTIONAL: Works in Progress
Artists are encouraged to submit in-progress materials that indicate your vision for the proposed work. These can be in-progress sketches/designs, or any other material to demonstrate your ideas. Please label your work(s), then submit in-progress samples either by uploading content OR providing a link. This section is optional and helps the selection committee visualize/conceptualize your proposed project, you will not be penalized for not providing a work in progress. Please indicate the following when submitting under the performance category:
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