I Am Carisma - Word Game 

I Am Carisma invites your participation in creating a spontaneous moment of perfectly imperfect coincidence by playing a word game. Your answers will help shape each performance of I Am Carisma. To play along, simply complete the prompts below.

You can also join the performance by self-nominating to participate in the work on stage. Ten attendees will be invited to take turns on stage whispering a story about Carisma that the audience has written together. To participate, simply provide your contact, name and booking details below. You will be contacted on the day before the performance if the stars have aligned to make you a lucky participant.

MakersMarket_2020_JacintaKeefePhotography_colourful earrings by East Africa
Waackers MaggZ and Marnie Newton and locker Kerrtu Luik. 
Image by Shannon May Powell