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Welcome to the booking and payment page for the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2023.

The event will be running simultaneously at two venues - in London at the Copper Box Arena and in Leeds at the John Charles Centre for Sport. 

You can read more about NJIRC 2023 and how the competition will work across two venues in the event Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions, please email njirc@londonyouthrowing.com and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Individual & Group Entry Information

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Individual Entries 
Please enter how many individual tickets you require.

Tickets cost £5 per place until 31 December 2022 and £7.50 per place thereafter.  

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Min 1 Entry
Relay Entries 

Please enter how many relay tickets you require. Please note that you must have sufficient individual entries for the number of relay teams you enter (e.g. if you enter 2 HRRCT Sprint Relay Teams you must have at least 8 individual entries).

If demand for relay places exceeds the available space on the day at either venue, we will allocate final numbers of teams on a fair basis and reimburse any team entries we are not able to accommodate. 

                                                                                             # of Entries       Cost (£)        
Max 3 Entries
Max 3 Entries
Max 3 Entries
Max 3 Entries
You must enter enough individual entries to fill all of the relay teams you select. If this number is negative, please either increase the number of individual entries or decrease the number of relay team entries.
Terms & Conditions

A privacy notice detailing how London Youth Rowing will use your data in relation to this event is available here.

Following payment, London Youth Rowing will contact you by email to request details of all competitors.

If you do not provide these details to London Youth Rowing in the required format by 5pm on 17th February 2023, you may forfeit your places at NJIRC 2023.
Payment Information

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