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Count Her In: A Playbook for Youth Sports Programs to Engage Girls


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U.S. Soccer Foundation Program Updates

There have been a lot of fun and exciting programmatic changes at the Foundation recently, and we are excited to share some wonderful opportunities on the horizon.


Our new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum launched July of 2022! This new curriculum integrates social emotional learning competencies and provides coach-mentors with intentional ways to help their players build life skills. If you are interested in learning more about the Soccer for Success after school program, contact Bruno Marchesi (


In addition to the traditional Soccer for Success after-school program, there is now a Soccer for Success school curriculum designed for K-8 classroom or physical education teachers. Powered by the U.S. Soccer Foundation and US Youth Soccer, it provides turnkey resources for educators to teach the fundamentals of soccer while integrating activities that empower students to establish life-long healthy habits and improve their physical and health literacy. For information on how to bring the Soccer for Success school curriculum to your school, contact Lisa Perry (


In the coming months, we are launching a new Coach-Mentor Training program that offers practical tools to instill mentorship in coaching. Applicable to any youth sports environment, this training offers a step-by-step approach to create lasting connections and to positively impact the physical, social, and emotional health of children. Still in the pilot phase, if you are interested in future training opportunities contact Manny Meraz (