PACU Nursing Standards of Practice and Certification Review
June 8 & 9, 2023
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Zoom Online Meeting

Learning Outcome: Participants will be able to apply current standards of care in PACU nursing to selected situations, in accordance with the ASPAN standards of care for PACU nursing.

  • Identify the recommended resources and studying techniques for certification exa,.
  • Differentiate the nursing care between the various types of anesthetic techniques and agents.
  • Discuss the physiologic effects of anesthesia and the related nursing.
  • Describe basic and advanced airway management techniques.
  • Recognize airway complications and emergencies.
  • Discuss related nursing prevention, assessment, and interventions to address airway obstructions.
  • Differentiate between the Phases of Recovery and nursing assessment for patients in each phase.
  • Discuss staffing patterns based on ASPAN standards of care.
  • Recognize common post- anesthesia complications and nursing interventions.
  • Identify appropriate nursing interventions for maintaining physiologic balance in the Peri-anesthesia period.
  • Discuss nursing assessment and interventions for special populations.
  • Discuss the nurse‚Äôs role in identifying risks and maintaining safety inherent to patients in the peri-anesthesia setting.
  • Recognize the post-operative nursing assessments and interventions related to selected surgical procedures.
  • Describe the risk factors, assessments and interventions for pain, nausea, and hypothermia in the peri-anesthesia settings.