Duplicate Official Selection Trophies & Certificates


Please complete the form below if you would like to receive any duplicate trophies or certificates as part of your selection or special award for the Official Selection

Please ensure to 'Submit' your form once complete and allow for up to 3 weeks for assembly and dispatch following payment of invoice.

The Wildscreen team will send through an invoice shortly after you have submitted your form.
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Duplicate Order Prices
For each selection, a production will receive one certificate and trophy free of charge. Any special award recipients also receive a free special certificate.

Any filmmakers who would like to additional certificates or trophies to share with their team can order them for a fee of:
  • £20 +VAT for Official Selection Certificates
  • £35 +VAT for Official Selection Bamboo Trophies
*Please note: Postage & Packaging will be calculated based on the number of items ordered and added to the invoice as an additional charge. All fees are subject to VAT.

Additional Official Selection Certificates
(i.e. 3x Standard, 2x Audience Award)

Additional Official Selection Trophies

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