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Through its Ogilvie, Robinson, DeChabert (ORD) Leadership Fund, the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University provides limited sponsorship (up to $750) to students who are active in The House to support their participation in events, programs, and initiatives that specifically address the academic and professional development of funding recipients. Sponsorship could offer financial support for items such as:

          Conference expenses (registration, transportation, meals, accommodations)
          Graduate school exams and application fees
          Costs affiliated with internships, externships, research experiences, and community-based and service learning opportunities
1. Applicant must be a Yale student in good standing enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate studies. 

2. Applicant must be an active member of The House community. Active members meet two of the following requirements: 
  • attend two or more House programs each semester (required). House programs are NOT the same as resident group/student org programs or events. 
  • contribute to a House resident group through board leadership and/or consistent participation in meetings and programs OR
  • engage regularly with their Peer Liaison (first-year students

3. Applicant must not have received House funds in the last 12 months. 
Funding approval is not guaranteed. Approved funding amounts will not always be equal to requested finding amounts. Fund disbursement is contingent upon review and approval from Dean Timeica Bethel. 

Applications are reviewed within 10 business days of submission. 

After receiving an email confirmation of approval, funding processing time is 2-4 weeks, per the business office. Processing cannot be expedited. 

Note to seniors and graduating graduate/professional students:
  • Fall/Winter graduates: Funding will not be allocated for activities occurring after November 1 of a student’s final year at Yale.  
  • Spring/summer graduates: Funding will not be allocated for activities occurring after April 9 of a student’s final year at Yale.

Applications for opportunities in December or January must be completed by November 13th to allow appropriate processing time. There will be no exceptions. 

Application Requirements and Deadlines
A completed application includes:
  • this form, including a personal statement
  • a resumé
  • funding details
  • a signed letter of support from a faculty/staff advisor (not House staff) stating the benefits of your proposed event to your educational and/or career pursuits*

Winter Deadline: December 1, 2022 for opportunities occurring between Dec. 16, 2022 and February 15, 2023

*For applicants seeking funding for graduate school exam and application fees: you do not need to submit a signed letter of support.
Personal Information

If undecided, write undecided
House Involvement

If never, write never.
Funding Request Details

registration website, program details, etc.
Please upload relevant materials associated with your activity/proposed use of funding. In some instances, the AfAm House may be able to cover all costs; but in most cases, we can only agree to fund a portion of the costs associated with your activity. Please include an itemized budget with all the expenses related to this activity. If you would like a sample budget, please contact afamhousestudentsuccess@gmail.com.  

Some opportunities require estimates for cost of living, please see a helpful resource here: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/

Click "Add another response" to upload an additional file.  
Personal Statement: In 250-500 words, please discuss why you want to do this activity and how it is beneficial to your educational and/or career development. Include your rationale for why the AfAm House should provide funding for this activity, and list at least three learning goals or outcomes for this activity. This statement of purpose should be typed, double-spaced, and uploaded below.

You can use the following resource to craft your learning goals/outcomes: http://www.library.illinois.edu/infolit/learningoutcomes.html

Resumé/CV: Your resume should include any prior work/internship experience, student employment experience, engagement in any student organizations, and volunteer work.

Signed Letter of Support: A signed letter of support from a faculty/staff advisor (not House staff) stating the benefits of your proposed event to your educational and/or career pursuits is required for your application. The letter should include the advisor's full name, signature, and contact info.

Additional Funding Details
All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for additional funding sources. Please list additional source(s) of funding, and attach extra documentation where possible.

Click "Add another response" to share info about additional funding sources. 

Click "Add another response" to upload an additional document. 

Funding Agreement

The following contains important information regarding the funding process. Please read each item carefully, and check each box to show your understanding and agreement.

Note: Department transfers to another Yale department will only be considered if discussed when application is submitted.