Closing The Gap 2023 Cohort Student Application Form

Closing The Gap Malaysia is looking for high-potential, deserving students who aspire for ambitious universities to be part of our 2023 Cohort!


In the CTG Core and ReachUni Virtual programmes, Scholar will undergo a series of workshops and development opportunities that boost their university and scholarship planning/ application skills, critical thinking and English communication skills.

For more on the CTG Core Programme: https.//

For more on the ReachUni Virtual Programme:

Comparison of the Closing The Gap Core Programme and ReachUni Virtual Programme

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Please complete this form carefully and in complete sentences. We will shortlist students based on the quality of your  responses.

Deadline for Core CTG Application: 11.59 pm, 19th March 2023

Deadline for ReachUni Virtual Application: 11.59 pm, 15th May 2023

You may be called for a short interview (March/April) - this is for us to get to know you better and understand your ambitions. 


You might have a senior from school who was/is a CTG Scholar. If you are interested to speak to past programme participants, contact your teacher-in-charge. 

If you have any questions or concerns on the programme, email with the subject "CTG Scholar Enquiry"

Personal Information

Example: SMK Tengku Ampuan Jemaah

Example: +60101234567

Academic Results

For Form 4/5 students: Please fill in your overall your latest examination results and state your English result in the following section. (Select the number of subjects to which you obtained in the respective grades).

For Lower 6 studentsPlease fill in your overall SPM results and state your English result. (Select the number of subjects to which you obtained in the respective grades).

Please ensure the results provided below are accurate - the Closing The Gap Malaysia team will check this against your result documents. Inaccurate or incomplete submissions will be disqualified. Sila pastikan anda memberi keputusan akademik yang tepat. Permohonan yang dibuat dengan keputusan akademik yang tidak tepat akan ditarik balik.
Academic Grade Chart

Further Information (Family Background)

This part of the form will ask about your family background to help us understand your situation and needs better. It will also ask you about your motivation to join Closing The Gap Malaysia programmes. Make sure to read our brochure beforehand as the information will help you in answering some of the questions below.

Additional Information

(eg - Prefect, librarian, class monitor, co-curricular involvement)

We recommend that you list 2 - 3 activities that were important to you and describe your role as well as what you've learned from the experience.

max 300 words - please make full use of this space.

max 300 words - please make full use of this space.

max 250 words

max 300 words
Please share the details of the school teacher who would be able to recommend you for the program.
Your recommender should be a school teacher who knows you and is able to speak about you (eg. your class teacher or a teacher who knows you from an cocurricular activity.)