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Feel free to be creative with your team name!
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If your team is ran by more than one Lead please use the "Add A Co-Lead" button at the bottom of this section to create more than one Contact for your group.
Even if you are co-Leads someone needs to be the "Primary Team Lead" and the primary will go first on this list 

Only the Primary lead's signature is required to submit and that signature signifies acknowledgment for the whole team. 
Please only submit one application per group

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By providing an ESignature to this sheet I ensure I have read and agree with the Meal Team Guidelines of Teen Feed
Teen Feed runs a background check through the Washington State Patrol Website on all incoming volunteers and staff. This information is used to determine your role and ability to have direct service with the youth we serve. Please provide your legal information in the space below so we may run a proper background check. Having something on your background does not automatically deny you from volunteering.  This information will not be used anywhere except the background check website.