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Fall 2023 Registration form (5th-12th grade)
Welcome to our fall term class registration for youth in grades 5-12! Thank you for choosing Inner-City Arts. Please review the details below for dates, times, fees, and processes to help navigate your class selection.

Registration and class fees

A $10 registration fee is due for every participant. A $150 tuition per class will also be applied for any students who are not eligible for a tuition waiver. All fees must be collected before the start of the first class on Sept. 16. Please plan to arrive early that day to check-in and complete enrollment.

Work of Art interns: Please note you will not be charged fees for your class registration.

Choosing classes

When choosing classes, carefully look at each available time slot, as some classes overlap in start times.

Students completing the registration form:

  • If you are signing yourself up for classes, awesome! Make sure you answer the registration questions as yourself.
Parent/guardian completing the registration form for a student:

  • Make sure you answer the upcoming registration questions as the student being registered.
  • Once you complete the class selection section of the form, you will receive an email with next steps towards completing the final part of this registration, which is specific to the parent/guardian.

Please note that all art classes will be taught in English. 

Dates to Remember:

  • September 16: Saturday classes begin
  • October 14: Creative Career Fair on our campus
  • November 18: Last day of classes and sharing of student experiences - Mark your calendars!

Special opportunities on our campus this term:

  • Please note an exciting class offering, "Film Production: Write it, cast it, produce it!" will be presented by Kids in the Spotlight every Saturday, 12:30-4:30 p.m. If you select this class, you should not register for any other afternoon classes.
  • Our friends from Viver Brasil will offer their community dance class, "Samba in the Street," on Saturdays, 1:30-3:30 p.m. This offering is a drop-in class for all ages and does not require prior registration. Families and friends are welcome to join in, and Inner-City Arts staff will also be present during each class.

Thank you!

Inner-City Arts Programs Team

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New or Returning Student Verification
For 5th - 12th Grade Students completing the registration:
    • If you are signing yourself up for classes, Awesome! Please make sure you answer the question below as yourself. 
For Parents / Guardians completing the registration:
    • If you are a parent or guardian registering a student, enter the following information for your student first (we'll ask for Parent/Guardian information later).

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Student Information
Welcome back!

Please fill out all of the sections below if possible. We will use the answers you provided below to see if we find your name on our Institutes Student Records
  • If you, the student, do not have a phone number or email, it's okay to leave those fields blank.
    • Tip: DO NOT use your parent/guardian's information here. On the next section of this registration you will find a place to submit your parent/guardian information. 

*If you are a parent or guardian registering a student, please enter the students information below.


OPTIONAL - 10-digit number, no dashes or spaces.

*If you have taken classes with us in the past, try to remember the email you used the last time you registered for the Institutes Program. If you remember the email you used, enter it above.