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Congratulations on making it to this point in your journey to becoming a Savory Institute Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Monitor or Verifier! Please fill out this form to apply for accreditation. Be prepared to gather and provide information about your training and experience.

Contact EOV Support at with any questions.
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EOV Accreditation Details 

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Hub Verifier
Requirements for Hub Verifiers include:

-Field Professional status
-Fulfill EOV Short-Term and Long-Term Monitor requirements

-Completion of EOV Hub Verifier training

-Completion of EOV Hub Verifier experience requirements (a minimum of 2 ecoregion set ups)

Tasks for Hub Verifiers include:

-Training EOV Short-Term and Long-Term Monitors

-Setting up Long-Term monitoring on landbases

-Setting up new ecoregions and reference areas

-Serving as Hub Verifier quality control

This level of accreditation is suited for individuals with a keen eye for detail and robust knowledge of their local ecosystems. If you have not met any of these requirements, or do not feel prepared for this work, we encourage you to reach out to the Savory Institute for opportunities to gain additional experience. If your prerequisites are complete, let's continue. 

Master Hub Verifier

Requirements for Master Verifiers include:

-A deep understanding of the EOV process and protocol

-Significant experience monitoring across a wide range of contexts, ecoregions, and across the brittleness scale

-Passion for teaching EOV to others and the skills to effectively train others

Tasks for Master Verifiers include:

-Training new Hub Verifiers (in addition to monitors)

-Increased opportunities to travel and monitor in a diversity of locations

-Input in ongoing EOV protocol evolution

This level of accreditation is reserved for those who have the most experience in providing EOV training and support. Hub Verifiers with the required training and on-the-ground experience, and who are Field Professionals, are encouraged to apply. If you don't feel fully ready in any of these areas, we encourage you to reach out to the Savory Institute for opportunities to gain additional experience. If this is an accurate description of you, please continue. 

Please upload at least 2 samples of your EOV work. This can include reports or follow-up support for land managers, training materials developed, etc. Do not include platform data such as monitoring events or ecoregions; these will be reviewed separately. If files exceed the limit, they can be emailed directly to

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