Right to Erasure Request Form

Thank you for taking the time to reach out regarding your personal data.

Rein in Sarcoma, as a U.S.-based nonprofit accepting donations worldwide, works hard to ensure we meet with international privacy standards including, but not limited to: the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). 

We recognize that you are entitled to request Rein in Sarcoma erase any personal data that we hold about you under either of these acts, and we are happy to support you in this matter. 


We will do our best to respond promptly and in any event within one month of the following:

  • Our receipt of your written request; or
  • Our receipt of any further information we may ask you to provide to enable us to comply with your request, whichever happens to be later.

 The information you supply in this form will only be used for the purposes of identifying the personal data you are requesting that we erase and responding to your request. You are not obliged to complete this form to make a request, but doing so will make it easier for us to process your request quickly.

If you do not wish to complete this form, you may also submit a written request to:
Rein In Sarcoma, 7401 NE Central Ave, Fridley, MN 55432, USA

To ensure we are erasing data of the right person, we ask that you provide us with proof of your identity and your address. Please supply us with a photocopy or scanned image (we ask that you not send the originals) of one or both of the following:

  • Proof of Identity 
    • This includes passport, driver's license, national identity card or birth certificate.
  • Proof of Address
    • Utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement (no more than 3 months old) or current driver's license.
In alignment with GDPR, if we are not satisfied with documentation provided who you claim to be, we reserve the right to refuse to grant your request.

About Your Personal Information

The information you provide here will be processed solely for the purpose of verifying your identity and residency, identifying the information you're requesting, and answering your request. Your personal information will be  accessed by our [designated staff /Data Privacy Officer] only. Your proof of ID and residency will be deleted once your request has been answered. 

Reason for Erasure Request

Given the sensitive nature of erasing personal data, GDPR Article 17(1) requires certain conditions to be met before a request may be considered. Please supply us with the reason you wish your data to be erased and please attach any justifying documents to this one.

What information do you wish to erase?

Please describe the information you wish to erase. Please provide any relevant details you think will help us to identify the information. Providing the URL for each link you wish to be removed would be helpful.

Please note that. In certain circumstances, where erasure would adversely affect the freedom of expression, contradict a legal obligation, act against the public interest in the area of public health, act against the public interest in the area of scientific or historical research, or prohibit the establishment of a legal defense or exercise of other legal claims, we may not be able to erase the information you requested in accordance with article 17(3) of the GDPR. In such cases you will be informed promptly and given full reasons for that decision.


While in most cases we will be happy to erase the personal data you request, we nevertheless reserve the right, in accordance with Article 12(5) of the GDPR, to charge a fee or refuse the request if it is considered to be "manifestly unfounded or excessive." However we will make every effort to provide you with the erasure of your personal data if suitable.


Please note that any attempt to mislead may result in prosecution.


I confirm that I have read and understood the terms of this subject access form and certify that the information given in this application to Rein in Sarcoma is true. I understand that it is necessary for Rein in Sarcoma to confirm my/the data subject's identity and it may be necessary to obtain more detailed information in order to locate the correct personal data.

As a reminder, documents which must accompany this application are as follows:

  • Evidence of your identity, or you and the data subject's identity.
  • Authorization from the data subject to act on their behalf.
  • Justification for erasure of data.