Submissions to the St. Lawrence College Scholarship Fund

Welcome to the St. Lawrence College Scholarship Fund Webform.  Here, SLC employees can submit an application for funding to undertake a scholarship project or activity. 

About the SLC Scholarship Fund 
The Scholarship Fund enables SLC faculty and staff to stay current in their professional fields(s) in a variety of ways. The Scholarship Fund welcomes applications from faculty and staff seeking to undertake innovation or knowledge acquisition, generation, synthesis, and/ or application activities in teaching and learning or their professional area of expertise. See the SLC Scholarship Fund Description and Details for more information about eligibility. 

Before you start 
The SLC-REB webform must be completed in one session. You will be unable to save partially completed submissions. To apply, you will need the following: 

  • A completed SLC Scholarship Fund Application Form 
  • Supervisor support for your application 
  • Applicant and co-applicant information (name, affiliation, email address) 
  • Project or activity information (name, dates, summary, expected outcomes) 
Have questions? Please visit the SLC Scholarship Fund Teams site or contact 
Applicant Information
Co-Applicant Information
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Co-Applicant #2 (if applicable)
Co-Applicant #3 (if applicable)
External Partner Information
Project Information
indicate conference, event, or publication name, date (if applicable), and provide a link.
List a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 major outcomes of this project.
Project Sponsor Information
Please upload a completed Scholarship Application Form here.