River Building at Grace Farms
Grace Farms supports not-for-profits, government agencies, and quasi-governmental agencies on the front lines of service by offering access to space. The River building and West Barn are available to grantees for professional programs, strategic meetings, trainings, capacity-building programs, and workshops. Grantees become partners in the Foundation’s endeavor to collaborate in new and fruitful ways, including access to Foundation staff, networking events, and convenings.

In order to apply for a space grant, you must be a registered not-for-profit or 501c3 organization. We regret that we are unable to host your program at this time.

If your organization does not possess either, please write "N/A"
Mailing Address

Please note that Grace Farms Foundation only considers programs in the above cause areas.

Program Description

Please explain how you intend to use the space. If possible, please include a preliminary program.

Additional Information

Required Documentation

Existing Space Grant Partners do not need to resubmit their proof of their not-for-profit status unless there has been a change to this status in the current application year.

Final Steps

Grace Farms Foundation reserves the right to verify your applicability for the Space Grant Program. Before clicking onto "Submit Space Grant Application", please confirm the following:

Please check the box below to acknowledge that you have read Grace Farms Foundation’s Space Grant Overview and Guidelines.