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Please submit this form by no later than February 1, 2023. See the 2023-24 AmeriCorps SC Notice of Funding Opportunity for full details regarding the process and timeline for applying for AmeriCorps SC funding.

Please submit any questions regarding completing this form to
Contact Information
Please enter the contact information for the staff person who will serve as the SC Service Commission's primary contact at your organization.

Organizational Information
Please enter applicable information regarding your organization.

Program Design Information

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Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and System for Award Management (SAM)

All applicants must register with the System for Award Management (SAM) and maintain an active SAM registration until the application process is complete. If an applicant is awarded a grant, the organization must maintain an active SAM registration throughout the life of the award. See the SAM Quick Guide for Grantees.


The SC Service Commission will not make awards to entities that do not have a valid SAM registration and Unique Entity Identifier (UEI formerly DUNS). If an applicant has not fully complied with these requirements by the time the SC Service Commission is ready to make a Federal award, the Service Commission may determine that the applicant is not qualified to receive an award and use that determination as a basis for making the grant award to another applicant.


The Unique Entity ID is generated in The Unique Entity ID is assigned automatically to entities when they request a Unique Entity ID or register on You can refer to the video below for more information on how to get a Unique Entity ID:


Get a Unique Entity ID in

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Financial Management Survey 

Download and complete a copy of the SCSC Financial Management Survey 

Upload the completed survey, IRS 990 form, and Audited Financial Statements below. 

Provide copies of the most recent versions of the two documents referenced below

If your organization does not have audited financial statements, please upload a document explaining why.

Single Audit Confirmation

A federal single audit is required when you spend more than $750,000 of federal funds in one year, regardless of whether those federally-sourced funds came directly from the federal government or were passed through from a state or local government.

If your organization is required to complete a single audit, please either provide a link to the audit on the federal clearinghouse website or upload a copy of the audit below. 

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Recommended Action Items

On3Learn provides self-paced, AmeriCorps education and training courses. In conjunction with the NOFO, SCSC STRONGLY recommends that New applicants complete the following On3Learn online Courses. 
  • 2023-2024 NOFO - The AmeriCorps Application - Is Our Organization a Fit?
  • 2023-2024 NOFO - The AmeriCorps Application - Selecting and Developing Performance Measurements
  • 2023-2024 NOFO - The AmeriCorps Application - Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget
To access these courses free of charge, follow the directions linked below and use code SCSUB22 at check out.