2023/24 Small Grant Program

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Grant Application Form: Part A

Name and Details of Applicant Organisation
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About Your Organisation

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Grant Application Form: Part B

The Project/Program

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  • Grants available in the Small Grant Program are for $1,000 up to $15,000
  • If you are seeking more than $15,000 you will need to complete the Main Grant Application form
  • Organisations can submit only one application.

Grant Application Form: Part B (continued)

Project Details

Grant Application Form: Part C

Project Budget
Please complete the Excel spreadsheet budget.  Please ensure your budget balances.

Grant Application Form: Part D

Recognition of Grant
Reporting and Grant Acquittal
The Geelong Community Foundation will require a Grant Acquittal including photographs as appropriate on completion of the project/program.  An audit covering budget and actual costs may be requested for certain projects/programs.  It should be noted that in some cases, the Foundation Board may request an on-site review of a funded program.

If you received a grant in 2022/23, you must complete an online Grant Progress Report.

Grant Application Form: Part E

Certification and Privacy
The Geelong Community Foundation is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that all information provided in relation to this grant application is kept confidential.  During the assessment process however, the Foundation may need to collect, use and disclose information about your organisation and the project/program to third parties.  This information could be passed on to the Board of the Foundation, its officers and agents or external people to assist in assessing the grant application.
Adroit Business Insurance Risk Review

As you may be aware Adroit Insurance & Risk has been an important partner of the Geelong Community Foundation for over 10 years providing office space and operational support ensuring our administration costs can be kept to a minimum, maximising our grant contributions.  Adroit has also pioneered their unique Major Capital Grant in partnership with the Foundation over the past 5 years. This grant has been a 'game changer' for a number of our region’s community organisations. The Foundation is grateful for the in-kind support provided by Adroit. 

Adroit is offering a free risk review of your insurance. 

I am authorised by my organisation named in this application to make this application on its behalf.  I confirm that my organisation agrees to the terms and conditions relating to grants of the Geelong Community Foundation detailed in the Grant Agreement.  The application acknowledges that the Foundation is under no obligation to make a grant even though the application meets all guidelines and eligibility requirements.
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