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Accommodation Request Information

Based on your disability, select the accommodations you believe you will need in college in order to have equal access.  Accommodation approval is based upon supporting documentation of a disability.


Accessibility Services must receive this form and appropriate documentation of your disability to support requested accommodations prior to consideration and provision of accommodation. Forms and documentation can be uploaded at the end of this survey or sent to Accessibility Services reserves the right to request additional documentation should the need arise during the review process. After the review process is completed, the applicant must meet with Accessibility Services to discuss accommodations, procedures, and policies.

Please note that Accessibility Services may exchange information with other relevant authorities on campus to evaluate and facilitate the provision of accommodations. Information regarding disability is kept by Accessibility Services and is considered an academic record but is not noted in any way on the student’s transcript. Please note disability related information will be shared with local and state agencies as required by the law.  In signing this form, you are signifying your knowledge of and agreement with this practice.