Spiritual Deepening eRetreat Registration: Building a Meaningful and Connected Life

This registration form is for individuals who will be participating in the online Building a Meaningful and Connected Life eRetreat that starts on January 25, 2023.  Weekly Community Building calls are scheduled for Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 1pm Mountain / Noon Pacific, starting January 25.


We are only able to accept online donations from the US and Canada at this time.


The Building a Meaningful and Connected Life eRetreat is sponsored by the Spiritual Deepening Program of Friends General Conference.  pay-as-led participation fee (recommended $45) supports the Spiritual Deepening Program and helps compensate the facilitator for their time and ministry.​ 

The generous support of the Friends Foundation for the Aging allows FGC to offer this session on a "Pay-as-Led" basis, meaning you can choose how much you pay to register.  We do this to remove economic barriers to participation.  We're also grateful if you feel led to pay more than the suggested fee to help better fund the Spiritual Deepening program and make it available to more participants. 


This Pay-as-Led participation fee contributes to the development to the Spiritual Deepening program materials and technology, supports the time and ministry of the facilitators of the eRetreat, and also helps FGC to continue to develop and grow the program.  Our goal is to increase, over time, the depth of Spirit among individuals and Quaker communities.  

Please know that donations from individuals and foundations also help make the Spiritual Deepening program possible.  We're very grateful.  

In order to help protect your credit card information and minimize our processing fees, we can only accept credit card payments over $5. We currently accept the following cards:
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To pay by check, leave the above credit card information blank and send a check to:
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Why do we ask these questions?  FGC wants to make sure that our programs are inclusive and offer a positive and meaningful experience to as many participants as possible.  The Spiritual Deepening Program is a grant supported program.  To help FGC and our funders understand who is participating in our programs and what they think, we ask some demographic questions.  We do not share data about individual participants.

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